Monday, 10 November 2014

John Bolton's Planet Of The Apes

Here's some cracking work from near the beginning of John Bolton's career. Over here, we first noticed Boisterous Bolton in the pages of Look-In, his near photographic art making The Bionic Woman an unmissable two pages of weekly excellence. When he made it to the big leagues with Kull: Demon In A Silvered Glass for Marvel, we could delight in crowing that we'd been into his stuff for ages.

In between, John did work like this, the 1976 Planet Of The Apes annual, chock full of black, white and blue illos, as well as one full-colour strip.

I got this annual for Xmas that year, along with a brilliant Galen mask that moved along with your jaw when you did your best Roddy McDowell impression. Planet Of The Apes was huge in our house, lemme tell ya.
Here's a selection.


  1. Thanks - haven't seen this since I was a kid, but vividly remember the artwork. Didn't realize it was by John Bolton, though.

    I do, however, recall that the comic strips in the same publishers Logans Run annual were drawn by David Lloyd. Haven't seen that in years either - don't suppose you have a copy of that handy too.....?


  2. I 'won' a copy of this on ebay recently for under a tenner, well chuffed. When it arrived it had every puzzle page completed which, if memory serves is about 10 pages? Seller said..'Sorry, didn't notice'! The story pages were all sound though and it is superb stuff. Cheers for posting!

  3. Similar thing happened to me with a Superman / Batman annual, with pen scrawls all over the contents page...ah well.
    Re: Logan's Run / David Lloyd, I don't have that annual ( yet ) but there's some pages over at the british comics website Bear Alley if anyone wants to see them.

  4. My absolute favourite TV programme from that time bar none!! I used to play Galen in the playground at Castle Hill swinging off poles to kick the "gorillas" happy times:) Thanks for sharing Pete. Lovely artwork! I have this in my loft somewhere!!!

  5. If it wasn't for POTA I would never have bought MWOM 231. How different life might have been. Mind you, even at the tender age of 9 I knew that Apes cartoon was crap. I can still picture the never ending use of army trucks going across the screen, awful.

  6. Yes, I've think I've still got the POTA and Logan's run annuals....I've also got (I think it was from the same year) Sweeney one with some cracking Brian Lewis art.