Thursday, 16 October 2014

Steranko's The Block

Hey, wanna read a lost Bronze Age Jim Steranko strip you've never seen before? 'Course you do! The Block was produced by Jim & Byron Preiss in 1971 as an anti-drugs mini comic, was distributed to american public schools, then reprinted in 1973 in Steranko's Comixscene, and has presumably never been seen since. Massive thanks to website Seduction Of The Innocent for uploading this, so I could sneakily liberate it for the cause.

And here's Steranko's Nick Fury in some wonderful promo pieces for one of  Phil Seuling's early comic conventions:


  1. Wow! You beat me to the Block--and the other stuff-fab-a-mundo! Awesome post!!

  2. I've seen this posted elsewhere, but thanks anyway. It always nice to look at again. Steranko simply did not do enough comics!

  3. Cheers gents - Nice to know I've got one up on you for once, Groove, normally I'm like: ' Oh yeah, must post that...ah scheisse, the Groove's already done it! '
    Ah well, as long as this stuff's out there, who cares?

  4. Yeah, this is great! Nice to have it on file. I have a complete set of Mediascene, there is some stunning stuff to be found in a lot of issues. It's the 3rd least likely to be sold title in my collection after 2000AD and Vampirella. I'm trying to put together a set of Monster Times which are in the same format but far more expensive and a nightmare in nice shape.