Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Jerry Grandenetti In The House Of Mystery

Yet another magnificent artist I missed at the time, but have since discovered is the completely unique Jerry Grandenetti, a man absolutely born to do queasy horror.
I'll admit, when I first saw Jerry's work, I absolutely loathed it, and it was only after checking out his even more outre art for Warren that I got it. It was my problem, not his.
Grandanetti's art is disturbing, unsettling, even ugly. Which is entirely the point.
These three stories today aren't, in and of themselves scary, but the art makes them creepy and worrying, because every panel, and everything that happens, somehow just feels...wrong.


  1. Like yourself I seemed to miss Jerry Grandanetti (and Bill Draut) first time around - I think I only became aware of his work in a First Issue Special featuring the "Outsiders" (not the same as Batmans 80s team) which I wasn't keen on atall - I then picked up a DC Digests of the Spectre strips ( only for the had Neal Adams art\) but it also had Grandanetti version which I though was excellent - since then Ive seen his war and mystery strips all amazing - Bill Draut I first rcall seeing in Plop and picked up everything I see of his work just a great artist.

  2. Yeah, The Outsiders was another was one of those completely bizarre Joe Simon things alongside The Prez & Brother Power, The Geek - superheroes were definitely NOT Grandanetti's natural environment!