Thursday, 2 October 2014


Jane is the queen of British 'good girl' heroines, the patron saint of innocent young things who just can't seem to help constantly falling out of their clothes. She was the UK forces' sweetheart in World War 2, and I'm sure you've all heard the story about the British army making it's long delayed advance into North Africa, our boys being motivated on the day Jane finally appeared nude in her strip.
Towards the end of the Bronze Age, Jane returned to her home in The Daily Mirror, presumably because it was the early '80's and she knew we all needed cheering up.
This new strip's original title was Jane, Grandaughter Of Jane but no one cares about continuity in this case, so it was soon dropped. Garth never aged, so why should Jane?
These scans come from world's greatest John M. Burns fan and our old pal Sean Philbo Phillips, who used to get his Nan to cut Jane out of her copy of The Mirror and save them for him. Because that's what Nan's do.


  1. thanks for posting these. takes me back to the 1980s. there were three of us at work that collected strips from the tabloids so each day one of us would by The Mirror, one The Sun and one The Star and saved the strips. I lost most of my collection during a basement flood some years ago and I have lost touch with the other collectors so it is really great to see these again.

  2. Thanks for the scans! Do you have any more story sets from the strip? I've been looking all over. They used to sell old Mirror republications of them on Ebay but then they all suddenly disappeared.

  3. I don't, but Sean's got loads of clippings - I'll see if he can scan a few more.