Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Destructor: In The Hands Of The Huntress!

Always liked The Destructor, me, even if we only ever got the first and third issues in the UK. I don't know for sure where I bought this issue, but I do know it was on holiday somewhere, as every time I read it I get a sense memory of reading it on a beach. As I've said before, sometimes your favourite things are all about where you first encountered them, and this is one of my very favourite Summer Holiday comics.
Like Marvel Preview #4, I genuinely have no idea if this is a good comic or not, I've simply read it too many times now to have an unbiased opinion.
I could be all critical and post-modern, and try to sell it to you with:
The Destructor is a proto-Wolverine, what with his sort of animal-based powers / The Huntress is a great bitch villainess with one of Ditko's best costume designs / Her sidekick Lobo's unrequited love for her is a neat twist in the story etc etc.
But I don't need to do that, because The Destructor #3 always instantly transports me back to childhood every time I read it, and sometimes we need a little bit of that in our lives.
I just wish he'd been around a bit longer, maybe just long enough to develop a catchphrase:
" You've been Destructed! "
" Let's Destruct! "
Wait, I got it:
Tell me you wouldn't've wanted to see that...


  1. Hilarious! It's true, no matter how many copies of Atlas I have there is rarely a full set and if there is it's a severe mixture of grades; 1 VG-, 2 NM, 3 looks VF cover off bottom staple.

  2. I managed to track down all issue of the colour Atlas comics, but it took me a few years (got the last one "Savage Combat Tales no 3 - in 2006 ) I even manage dot get all the Vickys (but I agree the grades vary...greatly) I liked Atlas books and despite some real turkeys some books were really good and Destructor was one of my Favourites (well it was by Ditko with Woods inks)