Friday, 19 September 2014

The Brave & The Bold: The Corpse That Wouldn't Die

Ok, I've teased y'all long enough, so here we go with my all-time favourite Brave & The Bold story ever. And to show what good taste we all have, it was also writer Bob Haney's favourite.
As much as I liked Marvel Team-Up and Two-In-One, and even DC Comics Presents on a good day, The Brave & The Bold was far and away the best team-up book done by either company, for three very obvious reasons that I've covered previously, but they go like this.
Bob Haney.
Jim Aparo.

Case closed, M'lud.

In this issue, we're knee deep in the Haneyverse, where continuity, reality and common sense can only look jealously through the window at us, pleading to be allowed in.
Herein, Aparo is firing on all cylinders ( check out the top 4 panels on p. 17! ) while Haney is clearly having as equal a blast. And again, as I've said before, I love the fact that Batman's subconscious isn't thinking about Alfred, or Robin, or his life as Bruce Wayne, or anything like that.
You could, if you weren't paying attention, say that Batman's not really in this story, but you'd be absolutely wrong, because this tale demonstrates exactly why we all love ol' pointy ears.
Batman's primal instinct, when stripped right down to basics, is: Solve the crime, rescue the innocent, and damage the bad guys. What further proof does anyone need as to why he's the greatest superhero ever?

All together now: What...? But...what?...But this doesn't make any...WHAT??!!!...................Ohh, it's a Bob Haney story. Oh well, ok, if you'd just said that to start with...


  1. Small world I just picked that very issue up in Glasgow last weekend , on reading it here yep it's a good one I have to admit (lovely art again by Aparo his page designs were excellent).

    Brave and the Bold was always one of my favourite titles and despite Marvel producing great books at this time I feel they just never quite got team up books right, certainly not in the way the B&B managed to do it with ease.

  2. O.k. I'll get all of the contrarian stuff out of the way first: despite all of the great things B&B had going for it, I still tend to prefer Marvel's team-up books to DC's. And I'm sticking with my choice of B&B #197 as the best.
    Otherwise, though, thanks for posting this. What a great issue. And I'm totally with you on Aparo's art here - its awesomeness is off the charts!

  3. Some great Golden Age back-ups in this issue too, Paul.

    Edo, guess I'll now have to post the best Marvel Team-Up, Marvel Two-In-One & DC Comics Presents. Challenge accepted!

  4. Hmm, I immediately thought of my favorite single issues of all three of those titles - I'm curious to see how they'll compare to yours.

  5. 2 in 1 34 springs immediately to mind, monster good, man bad story. Also the Sandman in the bar issue.

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Bob Haney was Grant Morrison before Grant Morrison was.