Wednesday, 10 September 2014

How To Be Topp

How To Be Topp was most read tome at castle hill which is the skool i was at. It was uterly wet and weedy as i shall ( i hope ) make clear but of course that is the same with all skools.
e.g. they are nothing but kanes, lat. french, geog. hist. algy, geom, headmasters, skool dogs, skool sossages, my bro doree 2 and MASTERS everywhere.

The only good things about skool are the BOYS wizz who are noble brave fearless etc. although you hav various swots, bulies, cissies, milksops, greedy guts and oiks with whom i was forced to mingle hem hem.
Much im fact like our noble brave fearless hero nigel molesworth yay cheers cheers kudos.

Molesworth take us thru tour of st custard's his skool wiv serching journalistic eye, we meet many shocking examples of weeds and wets about the place, such as girlie sissy fotherington-thomas who clearly destined for career in light entertainment cough cough hem hem.

And molesworth grate friend peason wich mean they tuough each other up continually. Acktually he not bad tho he and molesworth argue a lot and sa am not am not am not am until called upon to tuough up a few junior ticks such as fotherington -thomas.

And then theres Gillibrand who am v. thick but molesworth and peason let be grate frend as he punch them up if not.

And resident buly who is fat like in every skool:

And of course masters who are always v. fierce and always keep thousands of KANES to hand boo boo chizz chizz. With these they hound and persecute all boys who are super like sir galahad, espesh if boys no good at foopball, like me and Molesworth.

And finaly the skool dog:

And then Molesworth sa how horid lesons are like sport:




And in fack skool in genral:

Well that is all there is to kno about How To Be Topp but it is alright becos the end of the term is in sight cheers cheers. Down with the masters no more latin no more french no more earwigs in our stew etc. BUT holiday reeding to do chizz. More tomes Down With Skool:

 Whizz For Atomms:

and Back In The Jug Agane:

Boo boo chizz chizz!

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