Thursday, 4 September 2014

Gold Key's Star Trek

I don't know how the world's Trekkies feel about Gold Key's Star Trek comic, but I really liked it on the rare occasions I got the chance to actually buy one. The stories always felt appropriate, as if they were scripts for the TV show that just hadn't been filmed yet, and the art was always great.
Star Trek was drawn by Italian master Alberto Giolitti, who did loads of things for Gold Key, including Turok, Son Of Stone and a magnificent adaptation of King Kong ( both of which we'll get to, panic not )
and was written by a succession of authors, including Len Wein & The Doom Patrol's Arnold Drake.
Interestingly, although Giolitti drew the adventures of the Enterprise for over ten years, he did so without ever seeing a single episode of the show, working instead from studio provided stills.
This is obvious from the early issues, when presumably photo reference was in short supply, as both the crew and the interiors of the ship look much more generic and vaguely defined.
By the issue featured here, though, Giolitti knew exactly what he was doing, and the story as I say, feels completely like an episode of the show.
I originally read this issue's tale in a black & white British reprint, a softcover annual / summer special that I religiously coloured in with felt tips, making sure that Kirk's shirt was yellow, not green. Here's how the professionals did it.

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