Monday, 22 September 2014

George & Lynne

You can't really talk about Bronze Age comic strips without talking about the strip that was born in the '70's, and basically stayed there for the next 30 years.

George & Lynne ran in The Sun newspaper forever, and is possibly the single un-funniest comic strip ever done by anybody ever.

The Sun, for the benefit of readers across the pond, is the British byword for 'yellow' journalism, it's main interests being women's breasts, Z-list celebrities, football and world news. In that order. )

George & Lynne is basically about a typical British middle class couple, and their aversion to both clothing and political correctness. As the pair go from dinner parties to neighbours' barbecues to the golf club, Lynne in particular spends most of her time wearing as little as possible, while George stands by, always ready with a leering, sexist quip or several.
All of which is completely in keeping with British newspaper strips like Jane or Amanda, and would all be fine and splendid, were the strip actually funny.

Like a Carry On film, everyone in George & Lynne is 'at it', and they seem to have an inordinate amount of friends and acquaintances who are getting divorced, or having affairs, or doing both at the same time.

Not our happily married funsters though. As long as Lynne cooks the dinner dressed in nothing but a skimpy apron, George is happy. And who can blame him, as she can't cook for shit.

George & Lynne also, quite often, doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Ok, I get, maybe, that George doesn't get to see enough of Lynne's arse on a daily basis, so these are clever ploys to get her to bend over...

But that's an extraordinarily complicated scheme just to get a look at her legs.

And does George really not see enough of his wife's tits that he has to climb a ladder to spy on her in the shower?? Here's a tip, George, buy The Sun. You can see Lynne's tits every day, just like the rest of us.

For a silly romp, George & Lynne actually had some heavyweight talent in the art department, including John M. Burns and Jose Gual, who did the black & white strips here. You can't really like or dislike this strip, it's just sort of there, and always has been. And that's all you can really say about it.
Except... Jose got away with this second panel how exactly?


  1. I loved George and Lynne tho Lord knows why I should and then it hits you...John M Burns's art is the only lasting feeling one d=gets from this most long-lasting and yet strangely absorbing of newspaper comic strips.
    This couple, which I read for most of those thirty years [yes, I should know better] were the Terry and June of the porno set, the swinging couple who didn't know how to stop swinging if only with each other [but more on that later] with their double-entendres at fullest extent they pranced and cooed thru the 70s 80s and most of the 90s as if we were still locked in an unassuming Carry On film, or a upmarket Emmanuelle Does Surbiton. Lynne in particular went from house-frou to house-slough with nary a loss of pride [same couldn't be said of her clothes] and kept hubby at bra-straps length, as the vagaries of modern-day refused to bother them.
    She stayed at home, he went out to work [very 50s] but they had a deliciously modern marriage, unemcumbered by children or annoying relatives. In fact their only friends were a couple one of whom was Sammy, George's best pal who was an alcoholic, rarely sober and always accident-prone.
    Eventually, after several years of seeing Lynne running round in next to nothing, some women readers [yes, some women actually liked this strip amazingly] demanded equal rights in seeing nudity and as the late 80s beckoned it was time for George to show his hairy arse on the ratio of once a week to satiate them.
    In the last year of the strip, in order to revive interest in it, the Sun posed the question of whether the always-faithful George should have an affair. Being the Sun of course such a question was never in doubt and before too long George and his hairy buttocks were bouncing up and down on some saucy brunette. Lynee took him back of course yet in one awkward sequence he bought her a new engagement ring to replace the one she threw away, and she refused to wear it, seeing it as a reminder of what he did.
    As a piece of kitsch, the strip is nothing remarkable, except to make everyone believe that people in suburbia are forever 'at it' but it does retain its innate charm as a saucy strip in the best traditions of 'Jane'.

  2. The Gambols on Viagara. Back in the day when I was too young and innocent to know how truly shit the Sun was. I used to cut out the Axa strip everyday just because I thought I liked the art. As for unfunniest newspaper strip ever there are some heavy weight contenders in that category. The Perishers anyone? Wack? Fred Bassett? My favourite for funny was Beau Peep.

  3. Yeah, Sammy liked a drink to be sure, but George & Lynne eventually went out with something you could call a plot with George having an affair? That's crazynuts!

    Hey, Axa did have great art, that's why I'll be running a whole Axa story soon!
    As for The Gambols / Perishers / Wack / Fred Bassett, yeah, no one would ever mistake them for funny, but they all had their charms. Makes me want to do pieces on all of them...You have been warned...

  4. Pete
    Back in the day I used to run the Axa fan club in conjunction with the Sun paper, and had a regular phone and letter conversation with the late and great Donne Avenell.
    It ran for seven years and after many letters back and forth he sent me many early scripts and unfinished work on this most marvellous of ladies. In fact he let me co-script one of his later Axa tales when my thoughts about her origins led him roughly to the same ideas.
    I collected all the American Editions of her adventures plus the Spanish versions and the full- colour album plus the (awful) Chuck Dixon comic which only lasted two issues. Even had the now complete final Axa story in Spanish which never saw print.
    Axa Forever!

  5. Hey Pete, if you are going to do a post about John M Burns' Jane strip, you know I've got lots of scans you're welcome to use.

  6. Yes! I'm up for a bit of Axa! Probably more now than when I was 11. There were stories you say? Looking forward to that too! I haven't read a newspaper for years so no idea what lurks in the back pages these days, any gems I wonder.

  7. george and lunne

  8. george and lunne