Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Daredevil & Uri Geller

And then there was the time Daredevil met Uri Geller.
I think we can say now that Geller was simply a very good magician, and not an actual psychic, can't we? We did...we got that memo, right?
Well anyway, in this issue, Unusual Uri would surely give Professor X a run for his money, being painted as a multi-powered mindbender, agreeing to work with DD to track down his hitherto unheard of arch nemesis, bad psychic Mind-Wave.
To be fair, it's no better or worse than any other middle-league superhero book of the time with a lame villain. Geller's like any other guest star, in fact his role could've been ably filled by Doc Strange, as he inevitably talks in that formal, educated way that all mystics in comics do.
Bob Brown & Jim Mooney are both on fine form, while scripter Marv Wolfman falls over himself thinking of ways to amp up Geller's metal bending trick and make it actually be useful in a fight, and it's all perfectly acceptable fun, if a bit odd.
Though DD might've just as well winked at the reader in the last panel, like Superman used to ...
But why did it happen? Here's the letters page from this very issue:

And here's Marv being interviewed in 1997 about this issue by Kuljit Mithra, for his excellent DD fan-site www.manwithoutfear.com:
KM: How much criticism did you get for having him in the comic, since many people consider him to be a fraud?
MW: We received some criticism, mostly from other magicians. The problem was Marvel made a deal with Geller to appear in one of their comics. No writer wanted to do it and since I was editor-in-chief I felt I had to do it. I made his abilities somewhat bigger than life ( this was a Marvel comic, after all ) and handled it like any typical Marvel comic at the time,  so whether the real Geller had 'powers' or not wasn't important. It could have been a new character for all I cared. I did like the idea of the Fearsome Think Tank however.
KM: You wrote in that issue that Geller was able to bend your key ( or something to this effect ) and you saw it with your own eyes. Looking back, do you still believe he has powers, or is there a logical answer to how he did it.
MW: Of course it was magic. Magic being some slight of hand manipulation. However,  he was wonderful at it, and I have no idea how he did it since I was holding the key and couldn't feel any pressure as he bent it.  I also kept the drawing he made based on mine. There was no way he could see what I drew. Now, I know magicians can do this although I don't know how. I never believed he had powers. I believe he was a really good magician. However, again, since this was a contractual deal Marvel made, I couldn't come out in the letter column and say he did a great trick that I couldn't figure out.

So here's the story, see if you can figure out how he does it.

Oh god, and The Torpedo's back next issue. Spare us.


  1. The story seems goofy, but I love Bob Brown art in DD. I prefer non-Miller stories.

    I'm probably in a minority here, but I'm alright with it.

  2. Hey, me too. Bob Brown was great with a capital Grr.

  3. Thanks for sharing DD with us Pete. Always good to see one of Marvel's greatest characters on the blog.

  4. There was a UK dealer who used to buy these up and sell to them to Geller so he could give them to his friends as presents!
    'Gee, thanks Uri...a comic with you in it. Just what I always wanted'!