Sunday, 28 September 2014

Conchy On The Half Shell

Here's some more of the late, great James Childress' wonderful but sadly almost forgotten newspaper strip Conchy.
I dunno why I like this strip so much, maybe it's the attractive idea of spending all your time philosophizing on the beach, maybe it's Childress' mastery of the form, maybe just because it's a comic strip with a brain and a soul. Whatever, I'll keep posting every Conchy piece I can find until somebody reprints the whole run.


  1. I also loved Conchy! My favorite storyline was where the rock on the beach was what kept the earth in orbit. The punchline was "sometimes there's no satisfaction in being right". Would love to see that if you have it!

  2. I think I've got that one, I definitely remember it, have to check, but I've got more Conchy to show here anyway, and there's an earlier post on this great strip if you haven't seen that.
    Somebody reprint this strip!!!

  3. Conchy ran for a while in The Menomonee Falls Guardian (which printed many humorous strips, a week's worth at a time, on good paper) in its 146 issues, many of which are available on Amazon (at a premium):