Saturday, 22 November 2014

Conan The Barbarian Newspaper Strip

Not sure if it's ok to post this, as Dark Horse put out a hardcover of some of the Conan newspaper strip a few years back, but y'know what?
I bought that book and a) It was missing a strip which even in second printings they didn't fix, b) the printing itself was all over the place and c) they still haven't got round to doing a second volume, so Dark Horse can do one as far as this Conan fan's concerned, the Stygian Dogs.
Oh, and d) To paraphrase the late, great Rik Mayall, I don't need a d 'cos my my a, b and c are so great.
Anyway, the Conan newspaper strip was, of course, fantastic and started off with the best possible team of Rascally Roy Thomas & Big John Buscema. Here's a puff piece from Savage Sword to get us in the mood:

And here's Roy and John's first tale. Some of these scans are a bit ropey, but hey, at least you didn't pay thirty bucks for it like I did. It's no different to a good issue of the regular Conan book, which means it's three pro's ( Roy, John & Conan ) doing what they do best. The only exception is that Conan, as is usual in the realm of newspaper strips, is a bit more chatty than we're used to and ends up being slightly Conan The Exposition.
Unfortunately, Buscema only did the one story here, which is weird as he always wanted to be Hal Foster so you would've thought he'd've fought tooth and claw to stay on the strip. Not to disparage anybody who came after him becuase there was some incredible talent on this strip ( Chan, Alcala, Nebres & Yeates just off the top of my head ) but this first strip is so quintessentially Conan it's like seeing your favourite band live, and them doing all the hits.


  1. Wow, those are some damn fine-looking newspaper strips. Thanks for posting these, as I'd never seen them before (none of the newspapers where I grew up carried these).
    Too bad the reprint quality leaves something to be desired.

  2. Have to concur with Edo,these looks excellent thanks for showing them - I have never seen these either although I did hear about them at the time - love Marvels version of Conan. Sadly my local papers only printed DCs greatest Superheroes / Superman strips (by Pasko/Tuska) and Spider-man (which was great but I only saw Larry Leibers version which wasn't great - I missed the Romita issues (but managed to pick up a recent reprint of these)

  3. Yeh, unlike those two strips, the Conan one was pretty much great from start to finish. Spidey particularly went downhill unfortunately.