Saturday, 6 September 2014

Abslom Daak-Dalek Killer

In typical cockeyed BAOB fashion, let's celebrate Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor with a kickin' strip from the early issues of Doctor Who Weekly, detailing the adventures of friendly neighbourhood psychopath Abslom Daak, a character who would've fit right in alongside MACH 1 & Strontium Dog in contemporary issues of 2000AD. He's not likely to pop up on the show any time soon, more's the pity.
Daak's your classic tough-guy / anti-hero with a death wish, a spiritual brother to Snake Plissken or Hell Tanner, and the strip is as suitably two-fisted and macho as Steve Moore can make it, as well as a brilliant early example of Steve Dillon's american styled artwork.
I don't know who first hired Steve to work at Marvel USA, but it must've been the easiest decision in the world, looking at this stuff.


  1. I love Steve's stuff his Pressbutton cover for Warrior is classic as was the strip. It's amzing that he was only 16 when worked on Hulk Comic. I haven't paid a much attention t this strip will need to dig them out.

  2. Yeah, Hulk Comic was great, must post some of that Steve Dillon Nick Fury stuff...

  3. Yeah, that would be cool. We hated it at the time but I still have a set. The Paul Neary covers are nice and a bit of Nightraven wouldn't hurt too.