Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Torpedo

Have you ever taken so completely against a new character, that you can't ever get past it? I HATED The Torpedo.
The Torpedo was introduced in Daredevil #126 and I loathed him completely, for reasons I struggle to recall now. Maybe it was the fact that he was 'Busting Loose!' and felt the need to announce it to the world. And sure, the helmet's goofy, but no worse than Iron Fist's collar, to pick one costume choice at random that we all accept happily.

The Torpedo was Brock Jones, an ex-jock turned frustrated insurance salesman, who basically stole his costume and powers from a dying man, fought DD for no apparent reason, and subsequently made a struggling lower income family homeless by destroying their house during the subsequent brouhaha. So there's that.

But I think it was more that he was just so average, pointless and bland, and yet the Marvel armadillo's kept pushing him at us like he was The Next Big Thing. He got two issues of Marvel Premiere of his own to impress us, and completely failed to do so.

I don't even think he appeared in that many comics really, but it felt like he was everywhere, and there was just something about him and the way he KEPT popping up and holding his hand out for a series of his very own. Desperation is never sexy.

But that's the exact same route every new character travelled back in The Bronze Age. You get a guest slot in somebody else's book, you get a try-out in Premiere or Spotlight, then if you're lucky you get your own series, with Spidey guest-starring in the first issue.
That's more or less the way it worked with Moon Knight and Howard The Duck for instance.
So what was it about this guy that irked me so much? Dunno. Let's find out...


  1. Torpedo went on to star in Rom. He was killed by the Dire Wraths because they wanted the suit. After Rom the suit went to a young woman who became the new Torpedo in the New Warriors and later in the Loners mini-series

  2. Oh god, glad I missed all that! Still at least they never brought him back. Did they...?

  3. I remember him! He was rubbish! tell you who I NEVER got: Jack of Hearts. what the fuck was all that about? loada bollocks.

    that said, those two Gil Kane Daredevil covers are corkers!

  4. Didn't mind Jack that much, but yeah, he was kind of pointless I s'pose. And a bitch to draw!

  5. I LIKED the Jack of Hearts-- I may be in a minority here-- because he was Iron Man's protege for a while and a good addition to the cast of that strip...also dug the miniseries with its (mostly) excellent George Freeman art. Cool uniform, too, but I didn't have to draw him, did I? Simpler would have been better. Torpedo, well, you got me there...he never lived up to the miniscule hype of that Bullpen Bulletin cameo & spot illo.

  6. Well, Jack Of Hearts stole The White Tiger's series out from under him, so he was always on a hiding to nothing with me, but he was ok I thought. Didn't annoy me like the Torpedo, that's for sure.