Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Flash's Weird Era

For some reason, I always remember the Flash stories I read as a kid as, well, a bit weird. Not Steve Gerber or Bob Haney weird, just... I dunno... strange.
Even as an adult, they still seem like there's more going on than what's on the surface. I mean, that cover above. What's that about?
Or this one:

Or even this:

It's a bit like Silver Age Superman, where because you have an all-powerful hero, you sidestep that restriction and give Supes conundrums to solve. Was that the case here? There's only so many stories you can tell about super-speed, so let's mess with the kids' heads a bit?
I mean, if you take as red that Reverse Flash really IS the exact opposite of Flash, don't all those covers suggest a man struggling with identity, not to mention reality?
Here's another one. What the hell is this all about? Anybody? Or am I reaching for subtext that ain't there?
Maybe it's just the fact that this is all happening to a square jawed hero type, and not Doc Strange, I dunno.

One thing I do know. It's clearly these guy's favourite issue:

Or try this issue, where...Nope, I can't adequately describe this story. Really, you have to experience it for yourself.

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  1. Yeah, these were a bit wonky, story-wise, but LOVED the classic Dillin art.

    I've been trying to collect up these issues as much (probably more so) for the GL solo stories, typically more beautiful Adams or Dillin art there.