Monday, 11 August 2014

Spot The Clue With Zip Nolan

A comic strip that tests the reader's powers of observation. Doesn't sound particularly thrilling? Well, look again.
Zip Nolan ran in Lion & Thunder, and was to all intents and purposes, an interactive strip.
Each week, highway patrolman Zip was called in to solve a crime. Or more often stuck his nose in where it wasn't welcome.

There was always a specific clue, hid in plain sight, where it was the readers' job to notice it and crack the case, before Zip spent the last panel explaining to everyone the one simple mistake the crooks had made, that only he ( and hopefully you ) had noticed.
So completely one dimensional, and a whole lotta fun.

I particularly liked the way Nolan's chief ( or anyone of a higher rank than him ) never believed any theory he comes up with, even though he's always right, and has always solved every single case ever.
Here's a few classic crimes. See if you can crack the case before Zip does ( be honest now! )

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