Sunday, 17 August 2014

John M. Burns' The Bionic Woman & Smuggler

Courtesy of Sean Philbo Phillips,  friend of this blog and the man with more issues of Look-In than you, here's a double dose of the mighty John M. Burns.
With The Bionic Woman strip, John ( as always ) elevates a fairly blah script into the most exciting visual reading experience a kid could ask for, with figures literally bouncing around the page, as well as Burns taking every opportunity to show off Jaime Sommers' ludicrously long legs.
Check out also, his incredible use of colour, right up there with Gray Morrow's, using combinations and palettes that really shouldn't work, but somehow always do.

And to prove Burns is no slouch at Black & White or more detailed work, here's the long forgotten Oliver Tobias vehicle Smuggler ( even I struggle to remember this one! )
As far as I'm concerned, Burns is up there with Frank Bellamy & Leo Baxendale as legendary British cartoonists, so I'm just gonna keep posting his stuff until he gets some kind of lifetime acheivement award or something.


  1. Smashing stuff from a certain John M Burns, who I fondly recall not only from his Bionic Woman gig but also from his short-lived Modesty Blaise strip, plus the long-running George and Lynne saucy newspaper strip in the Sun.
    I collect everything and anything Bionic Woman based and I have a request no a plea; please please please please please with sugar on top please reprint the very first Bionic Woman strip from Look-in [the one where Jaime goes to Hong Kong] - I missed as a child two instalments of the strip and have been waiting nearly 38 years for its conclusion[!].
    What was remarkable about this BW strip in Look-in was that once a tv show ended, it then summarily vanished from Look-in also. But when the Bionic woman show ended it continued to run in the mag for several years afterwards!
    Do please show this first BW strip again, and great site by the way!

  2. I had the pleasure of talking to John Burns a few years back at one of those Bristol cons, where he had page after page of his work with him....amazing stuff.

    Would love to see more posts like this.... I mean, its not like a lot of people are blogging about that older pre-2000AD generation of artists, and it seems unlikely that a publisher would even think of reprinting old Look-In stuff any time soon.

    And seeing as how you mentioned Frank Bellamy.....


  3. Definitely. Lot's more Burns, Brian Lewis and hopefully Bellamy on the way. And isn't it ridiculous that there isn't collections of Look-In strips out there?