Monday, 21 July 2014

Vaughn Bode Jamboree

Vaughn Bode would've been 73 today, so let's celebrate. Unfortunately, we can't all sit on a mountaintop contemplating our place in the universe whilst engaging in wildly inventive sex and ingesting gargantuan amounts of hallucinogens, as Vaughn would like us to, so if you're not able to fit that into your schedule today, here's the next best thing.
Here's the legendary Cartoon Gooroo in interview AND in concert AND in combination with Berni Wrightson. Not the best quality clips, but beggars can't be choosers as there's so little of Da Bode on film. Enjoy!

And here's some beautiful work from Bode & Berni, from Swank magazine circa 1971.
Bode asked Wrightson to chip in on this strip, as he was struggling to make deadlines, but unfortunately, the partnership didn't last long. According to Vaughn: ' Berni nearly OD'd on the 'tits and ass ' cartoons, he couldn't stand it and wanted to go back to the Swamp Thing '
So enjoy what there is, 'cos it's fantastic. It's also, obviously, very much adults only, so don't go looking at it at work, ok? Unless, of course, you happen to work at Swank magazine...

And what would today be without some Cheech Wizard?


  1. What a great post.
    Bode was a genius and this is a great compilation of memories.
    And the Wrightson collaboration is amazing and surprising.
    Do you have any idea how the labor was divided?
    Bode writing and pencilling? Or just writing? Because the layouts are classic Bode but the panel compositions look more like Wrightson winging it.
    Thanks for putting up.

  2. My copy of Purple Pictography doesn't give much info beyond that Bode quote so your guess is as good as mine, though the GCBD suggests that Vaughn pencilled. Anybody know?