Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Escape Chronicle

Here's a beautiful piece from Budd Lewis & Jose Ortiz, from Creepy #75. One of the many great things about Warren magazines is the way the books' ostensible remit of horror, horror and more horror was quite often ignored, resulting in wonderfully dark fables like The Escape Chronicle.
This is 1984 via 1975, and though very much of it's time, the story's message still works. It may be all too easy to chuckle at the two protagonists ( particularly blissful hippie Charlie ), but even these days, there are Bernie's & Charlie's trying to escape a restrictive, uncaring society. Plus ca change and all that.
Maybe this is a horror story after all.


  1. Beautiful art.I look forward to reading it:)

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    I shared this post there but stupid facebook thinks your blog is "unsafe" and labels it as "spam" so people have to hit a button saying it's not spam to get here. Anyway, great post.

  3. Hi Tony,
    nice to know I'm unsafe but not great I've been labelled as spam!
    I have tons of great Ortiz stuff to post, and your facebook page is cool so let's keep putting that stuff out there anyway