Monday, 7 July 2014

Alias Smith & Jones

I see one of the satellite channels is re-running Alias Smith & Jones, and at teatime, which is it's perfect slot. I watched this show religiously when it first ran. I mean, they were cool cowboys, plus one of the lead actors had the same name as me, so an easy sell.
Weirdly, I think I saw Alias Smith & Jones before I saw Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, so I'll always prefer the TV version, undoubted classic though the movie is.
These days, it's obvious why it was a massively popular programme, as it had something that's 100% missing from today's TV: Charm.

I remember being astounded as a kid that Pete Duel had commited suicide, as it was his and co-star Ben Murphy's easygoing friendship, and again, charm that sold the show. Duel particularly, always looked like he was having a great time on screen. The Alias Smith & Jones comic strip, from TV Action, could only really be a pale reflection of the show, as it itself became with Murphy gamely struggling on without Duel for the rest of the final series. I never watched those episodes by the way.
The art here is by Colin Andrew, which sounds like an alias itself, and it's pretty good, in a Look-In kind of way, even if he doesn't quite get Hayes & Curry's likenesses every time. But the stories do feel like they could be actual episodes of the show, and Andrew's art, as you'll see, is even better in colour.


  1. Another great 70s western tv series of course was "The Quest" with Kurt Russell and Tim Mathieson:) Don't know if they ever made a strip of it though,being a short-lived series?

  2. That's right, you were crazy about The Quest as I recall. You'd think Look-In or Gold Key would've done a comic, but no, don't think so.