Tuesday, 24 June 2014

What If Conan Walked The Earth Today?

Easily the best What If...? of the series and, yes I'm gonna say it, one of the best Conan stories ever,
What If Conan Walked The Earth Today? could've been an absolute disaster, a one-line joke that ruined REH's iconic character for comics forever.
We didn't need to worry. Roy Thomas, John Buscema & Ernie Chan are all on fire, know exactly what they're doing, and the big guy stays in perfect character throughout. Total, total brilliance.


  1. So...Roy Thomas writes a story which has a spunky redhead called Dannette as its heroine....think he was trying to score brownie points with somebody?

  2. D'you know, I didn't even notice that...the old slyboots!

  3. Oh, yeah: I think it's pretty obvious that Thomas did indeed model the Danette character after his wife, Dann - whose real name, before she changed it, was in fact Danette. So the fact that she gets busy with Conan seems almost a bit creepy (unless Roy saw Conan as a surrogate for himself).

    Anyway, I don't know if I'd call this my favorite issue of What If, but I'd certainly agree that it's one of the very best.