Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Kids Of Rec. Road in: To Swap or Not To Swap

As I've mentioned before, when I was a kid, me and my two best friends Sean Phillips & David Holman did many, many pages of a comic strip all about ourselves called The Kids From Rec. Road.

Well, a couple of years back, our comic counterparts had a rollickin' reunion, when me & Philbo did the following strip as part of the Thought Bubble festival in Leeds.
I'm including this here, not just because it's a great piece of work by Sean ( and not a bad bit of writing from your humble host ), but because if anything sums up the Bronze Age, and how we three in particular lived through it, it's this strip.

See if it relates to you too...


  1. Hasn't been updated for a while, but the first few Kids From Rec Road strips are online here...

  2. That's pretty funny. I didn't really do much swapping though: early in my comics reading career, my friends and I would just pass around our comics, but usually ended up with our own in the end; most of these guys stopped reading after a bit, so in my class at school there was eventually only two of us left, and again, we didn't swap, we just borrowed each other's stuff.
    One thing I can relate to, however, is: "Yuk, Frank Robbins inside!" Although personally, I had that reaction even more when it was Infantino inside...

  3. Ah you missed out Edo, as we've said, 50 DC's for one lame issue of Marvel Team-Up?!! Can anyone do better than that?

  4. Hi Guys! Just wanted to say I had a great day in Cardiff yesterday! I don't know if you've ever had dreams of mooching around a market and finding cool comics(I have them regularly!)but I did just that in Cardiff,but it was real! I picked up a run of Herb Trimpe Hulk issues for a song,and spent the train ride home browsing and sniffing the pages. Nostalgia IS what it used to be:)

  5. Er yeah, we all have that dream, Dave, that's why I do this blog! Sounds like a good one...what'd you get me???

  6. Nothing Pete! But that reminds me I have a parcel to post to you tomorrow with those old 70s Valiant issues I promised you some time ago.Free Jesus Blasco art! How can you refuse?