Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Superman Vs. Superstar!

There are a handful of Superman stories that are absolutely ingrained in my DNA ( as I'm sure there are in yours ), having read them at such an impressionable age, they stuck with me forever.
Here's one of them: Superman Vs. Superstar! Everybody points to the Silver Age / Mort Weisinger era of Superman as the craziest, but I think the Bronze Age is just as nuts, and the art of the best Superman dream team of Curt Swan & Murphy Anderson has a lot to do with that.
It's like what Jim Mooney's art did for Steve Gerber's stories: There's a sense of creeping normalcy amongst the insanity. It's also written by Cary Bates, who for my money was Supes best Bronze Age scribe
( alongside Elliot S. Maggin )
It'd be fair to say that this story, and especially the bit where the deranged actor rips apart Superman's disguise to reveal the rotting mutant beneath, messed with my head in no uncertain terms when I first read it in a british annual reprint as a kid. See if it does the same to you.


  1. Yes it is a strange one...But a clever story..

  2. I've got that UK hardcover annual too, but where did it appear originally?

  3. A quick look through the Grand Comicbook Database tells me: Action Comics#414 ( July 1972 ), Sean..