Thursday, 26 June 2014

On The Skids!

What's that you say? You wanna read something really obscure? Well, ok, then. On The Skids appeared in Mike Freidrich's Quack!, was by Howard Chaykin & Alan Kupperberg, and starred the pair as funny animal versions of themselves. ( I've always read it that Howie is the taller one there, while Kupperberg is the minutely less caustic, and smaller one ).
In On The Skids, Chaykin & Kupperberg spend their time going from comic book publishers to pick-up bars and back again, trying a) to get published and b) get laid, in whichever order. Living, as they say, a Disney existence in a Robert Crumb world.
The strip is so full of in-jokes and of-the-time cultural references, it's almost impenetrable, certainly to me, but it's also such a great evocation of a specific time and place, that I just have to post it. In this, the 2nd and 3rd episodes, Kupperberg gets sole credit, but Chaykin is very definitely involved with some of that dialogue.
I particularly like the last episode, where the pair have their series stolen out from under them by the homespun Ding Dog Daddy ( and Daisy ) because: 'Freidrich likes me better! '


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  2. This comic just came into my head: I haven't seen this for almost 20 years. On The Skids was my big reason for buying Quack. Not really worth my money after that.