Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Daughters Of The Dragon

Why isn't there a Daughters Of The Dragon movie yet? For that matter, why wasn't there one in the Bronze Age?
I mean, if you don't like Misty Knight, the ultimate badass blaxploitation babe, you don't like pulp.
She's Pam Grier at the peak of her powers, except with a bionic arm, and is obviously more than the one line idea she could've been, but instead a character with real longevity, as proved by her recent team-up with DD in Daredevil: Dark Nights ( yes, Irving, I DO buy modern comics! )

But, Colleen Wing, her partner in Nightwing Restorations is also a great, if often overlooked character, sometimes put in the shade by Knight. She's a cold as ice, modern-day samurai, and it's a real shame that this pair of female friends were mostly relegated to guest-star status throughout the '70's.
They did get their own stories occasionally though, and this is the best one: From Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu, this two-parter is a Kung-Fu pulp B Movie in the best way, that Tarantino is even now remaking and ruining.
It's Marshall Rogers in overdrive, exulting in the chance to go mad with every stylistic trick in his repertoire, and Chris Claremont riffing on every Shaw Brothers movie he's ever seen. There's not too many patented Claremont tics ( Colleen, of course, has to refer to the bad guy as 'Butcher' ) but I feel mean-spirited even mentioning it, as this is a real tour de force from both creators.


  1. I am SO glad you're back and active and sharing superb material like this! I've wanted to share this tale, but since so many of my readers are my sixth grade (and/or former) students, the nudity made me shy away from sharing. It is such a wonderful (as you said) tour de force for Claremont and Rogers--absolutely two of the best creators of the Groovy Age!

  2. Yeah, should'a been a movie, like I say...

  3. Hmmm, this post reminds me that I scored a really cheap copy of "Daughters of the Dragon - Deadly Hands" last year. Now I really need to dig that one out and actually read it...