Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Leopard From Lime Street

We talked about the UK's answer to Spider-Man a while ago, but now I can finally show off a full story of this delightful strip, from the pages of kids' weekly Buster.

Interesting how it follows the Spidey template so exactly, not just in Billy ( The Leopard ) Farmer's choice of career, or his J. Jonah Jameson-like boss Thaddeus Clegg, but in the fact that The Leopard From Lime Street is as much of a klutz as Spidey ever was. I mean, tripping over power cables? Nice move, Billy!

Art here by Marvellous Mike Western, and isn't The Leopard's title logo / illustration the greatest lead in to a strip ever?

( Aside to any fans from the other side of the pond / the states: ' Lime Street ', not so much these days, but certainly in the days this strip premiered, was the downmarket, low income area of a british city. Generally where the docks / warehouses were ie. where poor people lived. Which is why Billy is so keen to score a whole Twenty Five Pounds  from his boss. )

This is the story everybody's talking about, pals! Don't miss it!


  1. Hi Pete, It's great to have the blog back. Since you're in the mood for comebacks, there's another one I'd love to see. No prizes for guessing who I'm talking about...

  2. Grantbridge Street, y' mean? That's back isn't it?

    1. Not exactly... the Gods dropped back into my world recently during a major loft rummage and after re-reading the lot, I couldn't help but wax a bit lyrical -

    2. Ha! That's a great piece, thanks Martin. Funnily enough, the real Rag emailed me recently to ask whether I'd ever do any more Gods. Prob'ly not, but never say never...
      The Gods did appear in Guitarist magazine by the way, for about 6 months I think. The CD sadly never happened, as the real Gods were twice as lazy as my version!
      Still good ( tho' dated ) strip I feel...

    3. Well, I still love it and I'm sure I always will. I'm enjoying what you're doing here, too, though now you're back you're being almost too prolific for me to keep up.

  3. Great art! Any chance of seeing some Blasco "Steel Claw" art on here Pete?

  4. Trying to keep it at a realistic output, Martin, not too prolific!