Friday, 18 April 2014


Hawkeye's in the top 10 of my favourite characters ever, maybe even top 5 on a good day. Why's that? Hey, thanks for asking.
Well, he's the original unrepentant loveable lunkhead, isn't he?

He's dumb, sexist, petulant & loudmouthed, and is constantly trying to punch above his weight, but has a true heart of gold underneath all the bluster. He's your best drinking buddy, who just happens to be a superhero.

Even when he started as an Avenger ( after a brief stint as an Iron Man villain ), he knew he could do a better job than Cap.

And that time he beat Ol' Shellhead in The Avengers / Defenders war?

Boy, did he dine out on that.

And then, of course, there's his success with the ladeez...

I didn't even mind when he shook off the quiver and became the second Goliath ( remember, there has to be at least one giant-sized hero at Marvel at all times? )

'Cos, y'know, he was still the same old dumbass underneath...

There's any number of great Avengers stories with the ace archer, but I think this issue of The Defenders shows admirably just why ol' Clint is one of the great Marvel characters. In this issue alone, he manages to annoy Subby, come on to Valkyrie and get his ass handed to him on a plate by The Hulk. And then amazingly proves himself to be the most adult, responsible member of the team. ( Ok, not difficult in The Defenders, but still )

Because the Avengers movie is as magnificent as it undoubtedly is, I didn't mind too much that Jeremy Renner wasn't quite the 'real' Hawkeye.

He had the skills and the moves, if not the attitude, and I get that there wasn't time to give him a full introduction as a character, but appreciated the fact that he started the movie as a villain, just like 'our' Hawkeye. Would'a been nice to hear a ' Holy Spit! ' or ' Tell it to the rubes, pal ' though.

For the next best thing, check out this fun web sketch show: Avengers Assemble The Series.

There's quite a few episodes on youtube, but this one is all Barton: The scripts could occasionally do with a little tightening, but this guy absolutely nails Hawkeye!

Hey...what're you wearing?


  1. Lovely piece on ol' Hawkeye! I agree,he is definitely one of the best Marvel characters out there. I'm sure you have a dream team of Avengers Pete,let's hear it! Mine's Hawkeye;Panther;Vision;Beast;Wasp and Jocasta!

  2. I'm not sure actually, Dave! Hmm, let's see: You'd have to have either Cap or Iron Man as leader. Then, yes to Hawkeye & Beast, and then Vision so yeah, we're not that far off. But Wasp?! That stuns me, I din't think anyone liked her...Ms. Marvel for me, I think.
    Oh, and obviously, Spidey & Wolvie in The Avengers? No, no, a thousand times no!

  3. Yes,a definite case of tail wagging the dog there! The fans love them so let's exploit that rather than just tell good stories. I'm sorry I've always loved the Wasp (what she sees in Pym and Stark i'll never know grumble grumble envy!!) Actually I'd have to include Black Knight and Mantis as reserve Avengers.