Thursday, 3 April 2014


We're back!  I was at Supercon recently, and my ol' pal Sean 
( Criminal / Fatale ) Phillips said over a beer: You should do that Bronze Age blog again, that was great!
So what the hell, The Bronze Age Of Blogs is back!
And we're leading off with one of Sean's ( and mine ) favourite artists, the magnificent John M. Burns.
This is Eartha, his sexy cavegirl strip which ran in the sunday supplement of The Express newspaper, I think.

Unfortunately, we don't have the full run here, so there are gaps in the story, but you won't care about that. Sean's rapidly scanning all the Burns stuff he has ( including Jane and a bunch of stuff from Look-In like The Bionic Woman, Space:1999 and Magnum ), and sending it to me, but here's what he's managed to put together so far, and it's all, of course, absolutely wonderful.


  1. It was in the Sunday supplement magazine with the News Of The World in 1981.
    Good to have you back Pete!

  2. I knew I'd get that wrong....

  3. Great to see you're back, Pete! It's been a looooong time. Looking forward to seeing more of the good stuff here...

  4. Cheers C! Every time I get out, they drag me back...

  5. Hey Pete love having you back. Missed you terribly. You mean a lot to us. And john m burns. I remember his work. It's cool to see it again one of the greats. Like you. Thank you. And most of All. Welcome Back.

  6. now, there's some good news! great to see you back, pete. & what a cracking good way to start. just do me a favour & try not to be TOO GOOD at this bloggy thing, though, would'ya? I'd hate to have to come 'round there. . .

  7. I'll stick to my side of Yancy Street, Joe, I know my place...