Thursday, 14 January 2010

Solomon Kane : Skulls In The Stars

Man, I can't wait for this movie. Just watched the trailer over on youtube, and it looks pretty damn good. It's dark and moody, almost monochrome, just as Kane should be. James Purefoy kind of looks right, and at least he isn't some Hollywood pretty boy, plus they've actually given him the Devonshire accent he should have. There is that old ' hero done bad / looking for redemption ' plot ( which they're also using for Jonah Hex ) but I guess for movie audiences, Kane can't be as dark & unrelenting as he is in the original stories, at least not without a ' movie ' reason. Civilians, natch, will obviously say it's just Van Helsing, not realising that particular piece of nonsense ' borrowed ' our favourite puritan's look, and ignored his actual personality, which is why Van Helsing is as empty and souless as it is, and why this movie might just work. Anyway, I'll be first in the queue. Just so long as he says: " Men shall die for this. "

Here's the dour one's first comic book appearance, courtesy of the first issue of Monsters Unleashed. It's adapted by ( natch ) Roy Thomas, and illustrated by Ralph Reese in his best, strangely underground style, bringing Kane and his grim, dark world perfectly to life. Kane should always be done in murky black & white for my money. Even more than Conan or Kull, his is a place of despair and horror, where life is short and brutal, and the best you can hope for is an easy death. This is also one of many stories where Solomon sets himself up as judge, jury & executioner, ( or as he would put it ' The Hand Of God ' ). Wouldn't have him any other way.


  1. I love that stort. hell, I love almost anything drawn by Ralph Reese.

    and, yep, I'll meet you at the front of the queue, mate. here's hoping they don't cock it up. . .

  2. What a great story, written & drawn. And conceived. I've been unfamiliar with Solomon Kane save that he existed and had devoted fans. I get it now, a bit. What an awesome concept. A Puritan badass. And those lines on the third page, about his actual motivations alongside what he believes his motivations to be -- so brilliant. I don't know that I've ever had a comic go so abruptly and unexpectedly deep on me.
    Great stuff. Thanks for posting it.

    Just love your blog.

  3. One of my favorite stories from when I was a kid. Ralph Reese art made quite an impression. As to the movie, there are parts that work and some of the production design is spot on, but overall it was disappointing. If they hadn't tried to create and origin story, there's a chance they could have hit the mark. Still, check it out for yourself if you get a chance. Opinions do differ.

  4. Anyone notice the resemblance to Maurice Sendak's Monsters here?