Monday, 11 January 2010

Dax The Damned

Hola mi amigos, back from Spain ( where, as it turns out, the rain does fall mainly on the plain ). Which is all the excuse I need to post this: Dax The Damned ran in the early issues of Eerie, and was of course illustrated by Spanish master Esteban Maroto. It was technically a reprint, originally appearing in Spain under the title Manly, and was heavily rewritten by Budd Lewis for American audiences. But whatever you call it, it's classic fevered Maroto, similar to Phillipe Druillet's Urm The Mad. with a ' hero ' that's little more than a plaything of fate, and is full of despair & hopelessness. Like in this segment, which is kind of The Seventh Seal in comic form: Only an artist from a catholic country could be this magnificently depressing.


  1. Great Maroto:

  2. He was called "Manly" in the original Spanish edition. Luckily, they changed the name for the international one...