Saturday, 19 December 2009

Bucky's Christmas Caper

Been waiting to post this all year. Bucky's Christmas Caper hails from 1967, when it ran in syndicated daily newspapers for three weeks leading up to that yuletide. It belongs to Wally Wood's 'little people' humour style, similar to Goody Bumpkin or Pipsqeak Papers, and is truly wonderful. The lead character, Bucky Ruckus, is of course Woody in disguise, and his name comes from a tiny farming town in Ohio called Bucyrus, which Wally and then wife Tatjana once drove through while on holiday. Woody thought the name hysterically funny, and swore to use it as a character one day. As somebody once said, it's a shame Wally Wood never had kids, as this is the perfect bedtime story for Christmas Eve. I was gonna save it for nearer Xmas but what the hell, here it is today. Happy Crimbo everybody and enjoy.


  1. One of my all time favorites of Wood's! Thanks!

  2. Thought I'd beat you to it, Steve!