Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Romero's Modesty & Axa

I know we already covered Axa, Enrique Romero's great warrioress of the wasteland / good girl / sword & sorcery newspaper strip ( which unaccountably ran in that bastion of quality, The Sun ) but I just came across these, and thought they needed sharing. Besides, when one is tired of half-naked barbarian babes draping themselves over the post-apocalyptic landscape, one is clearly tired of life itself.

After Axa was unceremoniously cancelled, Romero went on to take over the reigns of the UK's other great newspaper heroine Modesty Blaise. Here's the gals meeting up.

While here's an even better version.

And a couple of Gee-Orgous studies of Mod.

And finally, here's Romero pretty blatantly living out a few fantasies. Apparently, you can get an Axa game on your mobile now, which is about as bizarre as it gets. Still no sign of a movie tho'.


  1. I've got some more Romero/Modesty sketches on my site (some which appear to be from the same series):

  2. The web of the master:


    A recent interview (In Spanish):



  3. after 1986 she has again come back in 2011