Monday, 2 November 2009

The Origin Of Superman

We've all read Superman's origin a million times, but I really like this version from 1973, by the powerhouse team of Carmine Infantino, E.Nelson Bridwell, Curt Swan & Murphy Anderson. This is from the one-shot Amazing World of Superman, released to coincide with the opening of the Superman park in Metropolis, Illinois.
( Did it open? Was it as great as the Neal Adams illo's show? Anybody know? )
The last two pages do kind of rush things towards the end, but before that, there's some really nice scenes with the Kent's, and of course, the destruction of Krypton is always worth watching again. I remember being really stupidly offended by how they did Krypton & it's citizens in the first Superman movie, but now it seems really odd to see Jor-El drawn in that classic Silver Age style. As all right-thinking people know, the 'Swanderson' team did the best Superman by far, and were the very definition of slick, polished artwork. And this strip was actually Curt Swan's personal favourite of all the Supes stories he did.


  1. Now THAT is the origin of Superman. DC has spent the last thirty-plus years messing with perfection. As always, an excellent post, Pete!

  2. This is cool. Love that classic pose in the final panel. Curt Swan must seem awfully dull to many young comic fans, but he really is a superb draughtsman.

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  3. Really? I'll check it but I've looked at this blog on my Old Man's computer recently & it's fine. Anyone else got this problem?

  4. Hello, I'm a trying to find a copy of this but the ones I see are in black and white. Where's this color version from ?