Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Hanging On The Telephone

I know exactly how Ray Palmer feels right now. Regular BOABers may've noticed the lack of posts lately. This is because I've spent the last week or so trying to get my Dad's service provider to sort out his non-operational phone line. Said provider are Pipex / Toucan ( I know, you're all saying: Nooo! Pete! why'd 'ya go with that shower of monkeys?!! ). Anyway Pipex /Toucan spell customer service "Fuck you" and are literally doing nothing to fix the problem, so not only is Doree senior going to cancel his account with these saps, I am too. The reason I'm boring you with all this is that, obviously, this means that posts may be even more intermittent for the next couple of weeks, while I find a new supplier. ( And if anyone can recommend one that actually fixes a problem when you ask 'em to, I'd be grateful )
Anyway, just to let you guys know to hang in there, as I plan to be posting back on a regular basis again ASAP. I enjoy doing this blog too much to be stopped now! There's something to be said for a dictatorship, I bet the damn phones work in Latveria....


  1. there's no such thing as a service provider who gives a toss. there all bastard.

    you will be missed, pete, mate.

  2. Hey, they ain't gonna beat me! I'll be back, maybe even as soon as this weekend. In the words of The Warriors: Stay tuned, boppers, stay tuned...

  3. Pete:

    Where are you, man? Come back to us! Seriously, hope your service troubles get patched up soon. It's just not the same out here with one of my Bronze Age Blogging Brethren out of action!


  4. You'll never believe it, my bloody scanner's SNAFU now. Be patient, pilgrims, I WILL be back! Currently re-reading Englehart's boffo Cap run, BTW. MUST do a piece on Nomad! If I can steal some scans from around the net, maybe...

  5. Hey, Pete! Looking forward to your Rampaging Return! Nomad sounds good, but I hope you can cope with all that Frank Robbins artwork :-)