Saturday, 24 October 2009

Tarzan Weekly

Thanks are due once again to Brill Bronze Age Buddy Graham for forwarding me these scans of the UK weekly Tarzan comic I couldn't remember the title of. ( Tarzan Weekly, doofus! And hey, let's bring back 'Brill' as a slangword )
I absolutely had that first issue there with it's classically british cover ie. shove everything in there, including the fact there's a FREE GIFT INSIDE. You always got slightly lame free gifts in first issue's in the UK ( 2000AD gave away a mini frisbee with their premiere appearance ) and lemme tell ya, that jungle survival kit sure came in handy in the wilds of the Clements housing estate.
I also remember it was printed on really flimsy paper. Remember the paper that Captain Britain was printed on? It was cheaper than that, so I doubt many copies survived in good condition.
Here's the back page of that first issue, courtesy of Russ Manning. Like I said before, has Tarzan ever looked righter?

Graham reckons it lasted about 20 issues before going monthly, and then rapidly disappearing, but as he says, british comics generally didn't continue numbering after the first couple of releases, so who knows? While I try'n find out, here's another great, great cover by Russ.

While here's Dan Spiegle on Korak. Even though it's obviously Dan, it could actually pass for a great british strip of the time, like Adam Eterno or The Leopard From Lime St. tho' obviously the grid design is american and therefore more interesting than our slightly staid formula of that period.
Incidentally, the Deathless Dialogue award goes to that copper: " Only Lord Pelham I know of would be the one from Pelham Manor " Man, Columbo's got nothing to worry about with you around, pal, has he?

According to David & Graham Tarzan Weekly, as well as Spiegle & Manning, boasted in it's pages the likes of: Dave Stevens, Mike Ploog, Alex Nino & Pat Boyette. Plus Korak was written by Mark Evanier, all of which means I'm gonna be scouring ebay for some of this stuff immediately. This looks like treasure trove / must get of the week to me.


  1. you'll have to get some Pete !! Tarzan Weekly is great...Dave Stevens inks on Mike Ploog layouts, that wasn't seen too often !!
    I seem to remember as a kid the thing that spoilt it for me though was the cost, 12p !! (Much like StarLord !!) which seemed a princely sum compared to 2000AD at 8p.
    The "Free" Survival kit bags great, basically a bit of paper printed on both sides with a poly' bag to keep it in.
    The front side can be seen on the cover of #1 the back had ten tips on survival.

    "#1 Raid Mum's Larder for some salt...It's really useful to get rid of swamp leeches"

    Scans may follow.

  2. How weird is this? Went with my son to a used bookstore in Ohio today and found TARZAN MONTHLY # 1 which I gather was a continuation of the series you write about here. It has Tarzan, Korak and others-in fact, all of the stories--written by fellow blogger Evanier with art by his future Eclipse cronies Will Meugniot and Dan Spiegle and Russ manning-like inks by Dave Stevens! Good stuff but in Ohio???!!

  3. Ohio The Bronze Age capital of the world. Who'd'a thunk?

  4. I dug out my copies, counted them, and Tarzan Weekly did indeed run twenty issues -- first issue 11/6/1977, last 22/10/1977. Last few issues added European stories and hacked about Manning Tarzan Sunday strips to the mix. This mix continued into Tarzan Monthly, which I think lasted until 1978 sometime, being replaced by a series of Tarzan Specials, on a quarterly schedule, I think.

    These specials eventually ranm out of ERB-generated stories, and later issues were mostly European stories, with some lovely Jose Ortiz art mixed in with a lot of fairly blah loking material, plus some Manning newspaper strip reprints.

    Their was also a series of Korak, Son Of Tarzan specials, but that's all I know about them.

    The last Tarzan Special I have is from 1980, though the Specials probably continued until 1981

    David Simpson

  5. Howcum you guys managed to keep ahold of all this stuff, an' I've lost tons! It's just not fair!

  6. I have just managed to purchase about 10 at $5-8 each. I already had TWO. They are really wonderful and altho I'm on a couple British yahoo groups, none of my Brit buddies seems to know ANYthing about these. They are mostly my age or younger (I'm 55) so maybe that's too young to have seen these when they were pubbed in the early...70s, right? STILL, I don't know why I can't find more interest/info on these. I wish someone wd scan a few...(hint). In any event, THANK YOU for writing about them. It is always a fascinating topic...and rarely discussed!!!

  7. great blog...i was trying to find out something about these Tarzan Weekly comics as i have issues 1-6, they're all missing free gifts but are in great condition. Im 27 and have had them since i was a kid. To be honest i really want to get shot of them as i have no room for them. i Also have a stack of Spiderman Comics weekly and the Superheroes all from '73-'76....

  8. how much is it worth in mint condition c/w survival kit bag?