Monday, 19 October 2009

Captain Scarlet

Had to show these off 'cos they're just beautiful. These are, of course, great british cartoonist Ron Embleton's stunning Captain Scarlet illustrations that used to run over the end credits of the Gerry Anderson produced TV show.
The good Cap, for those who don't know, belonged to a vaguely fascistic organization called Spectrum, protecting the Earth from the dread menace of a bunch of invisible martians called The Mysterons ( all together now: We Are The Mysterons! ) I actually found it quite a dull show, even though I loved Anderson's other puppet epic Thunderbirds, mainly 'cos Cap could regenerate himself after injury, making him virtually indestructible. That kind of thing limits the stories you can tell, and made him a fairly boring hero. Liked Captain Black, the bad guy who always looked like he'd been awake for a whole year, but the good guy? Nah.
But these illo's more than made up for any shortcomings in the show, being more exciting than anything that had happened in the previous half-hour. Every week I used to think: Where can I get those pictures?!!


  1. Thank you thank you thank you...
    And once again thank you.
    Pete, you're a star! I always wanted to get hold of these pics, too.
    I have to admit I preferred the Captain to the Traceys, who were just that little bit too nice for my liking. And their heads were too big! Captain Scarlet always struck me as more realistic - apart from the Mysterons of course...

  2. Wonderful. Always loved these. Even thought Scarlett was my very favorite of the Anderson shows, I agree with you that these paintings were the most exciting part of the show. They promise so much more than the rather stiff marionation of the previous half hour. I used to love how the editing of the titles gave these paintings even more movement simply by changing to a close-up.

  3. I used to think exactly the same about those illos. Beautiful. Thankfully, I discovered Ron in Look and Learn I think. And also Don Lawrence who Embleton resembled I thought

  4. Were you aware Pete,that these illustrations were available back in the day as bubblegum cards?

  5. I'm more astonished that you've FINALLY entered the 21st century and are online at last, Dave! By the way, when are you bringing those DD/Black Widow issues up to Norwich?

  6. Ive been looking for these classic CS pics clear of any txt for about.... hmmm... 5 years.
    Thank you so much for making them available.