Thursday, 17 September 2009

Lady Daemon

I just can't resist it. Let's read some Classic Cheesy Claremont. Lady Daemon is from the Lethal Ladies issue of Bizarre Adventures and actually, it's reasonably free from 'tics', proving he could write a good story without all that nonsense. Even Chris' predilection for making all his characters speak in a cliched celtic lilt makes sense here for once, as these characters are actually Scottish.
And the art, courtesy of Michael Golden & Terry Austin is, of course, brilliant. When they used to talk about comics being 'black & white in colour' this is the kind of thing they meant. The use of photos doesn't quite work, but hey, this was years before photoshop. And I guess, if you were in a nitpicky mood, you could mention that the death card in the Tarot pack doesn't actually mean real death, but who ever gets magic right in comics anyway? Only Steve Ditko.


  1. Pete:

    Just because I spent five days on my site saying "I don't get this Steve Gerber fellow" doesn't mean you have to pile on poor Chris Claremont. Of course, any excuse to show Golden/Austin art is fine by me. As for getting magic right, I'll throw out Steve Englehart. I recently read an old interview with him from The Comics Times, and, man, was he into it. And of course there's resident wizard Alan Moore. But we probably shouldn't mention him on a Bronze Age blog or we might just go poof!


  2. Great stuff... brought back wonderful memories!

  3. Ahhhh...Michael Golden and Terry Austin. What a team. Anybody remember that excellent "Riders in The Void" issue of Star Wars? They knocked it out of the park!

    You have a great blog here, Pete. You're right, the 70s comics were the best. Now pardon me while I read your "back issues."

  4. That Golden and Austin art was just irresistable at the time (and it's not bad today either). This was Claremont at his hokiest. Loved it.

  5. Oh, and forgot to say, anything involving the Hindenburg is awsome.