Monday, 28 September 2009

The G.I.Joe Super Adventure Team

I don't normally disparage Bronze Age ads, but this one always bugged me. And everytime I come across it in a back issue it irritates me all over again. I understand that you can't give Atomic Man the exact same powers as The Six Million Dollar Man for fear of hordes of lawyers coming down on your back, but think about it: Surely, if you've only got one atomic leg that can run 200 miles an hour, doesn't that mean that your other leg would end up A BLOODY STUMP trying to keep up? Honestly, that annoyed the hell out of me.

I don't think G.I. Joe actually made it to the shores of Blighty in the '70's. I could be wrong, but as we already had Action Man doing much the same thing for Queen & Country I can't imagine Brit kids would've been interested. As for me, I'd rather spend my money on comics anyway.

Here's Bulletman The Human Bullet ( fresh from The Dept. of Redundancy Dept. ) doing his bullettastic thing in another ad from the same period. Who drew these things, anybody know? There's a bit of Romita, a bit of Leiber, and even a bit of Giacioa in there. It's like a weird mix that makes no sense. A bit like Bulletman's costume, which more closely resembles Condom Man. Were there any more of these? I'm starting to like 'em...


  1. Looks like Lieber to me with maaaaaybe a little of Jazzy Johnny's famous retouching.

  2. Well, there's also Eagle Eye and the Intruder...

    Regarding Mike Power, that drawing is somewhat misleading: rather than running anywhere, he travelled around by hopping on his single atomic leg. It was pretty humiliating when mercenary soldiers and alien invaders were captured while laughing themselves senseless at Mike's constant bouncing up and down.

    And while you may scoff at Bulletman, he was very popular with the ladies, who could often be seen arriving at Super Adventure Team HQ with a fistful of batteries...

    As far as I can tell Action Man and G.I. Joe were the exact same toys, simply traded under different names by different companies on their respective sides of the Atlantic.

  3. He. Hopped. On. His. Atomic. Leg. You're Bob Haney, aren't you? Thanks for the link, Rab, I forgot about the dread menace of...The Intruder!

  4. Aw...that's one of the nicest things anyone ever said to me, Pete!

  5. Mike Power raised the bar for the Adventure Team - suddenly GI Joe has telescopic vision and poor Talking Commander seems to have been pushed out entirely in favour of the snazzy newcomers, despite his astonishing yet undemonstrated talking power.

  6. Looks like Frank Giacoia inking over Johnny Romita to me.