Sunday, 13 September 2009

Drug Fiends Of The Martian Moon

Here's an interesting pairing; Trina Robbins & Steve Leialoha on a one-off strip for Imagine.
As a kid, I hated Trina's artwork on the occasions I came across it. Too stiff, too mannered, not the regular Marvel style I was used to at all.
Naturally, over the years, I've changed my mind, just like I did about Frank Thorne, Frank Robbins, Alfredo Alcala and so many others.
Trina later did a great strip for Epic called The Woman Who Loved The Moon, which needs to be posted here, and later still, an adaptation of Sax Rohmer's Dope for Eclipse. This piece resembles Dope in a sense, as it feels like a throwback to pulp magazine sensibilities, with it's deliberately anachronistic aliens & storyline. It's the future as seen from the '30's. It's also ( like most of Trina's stuff ) kinda sexy, with it's lesbian subtext that's not really very 'sub' at all.


  1. You can sure see the Leialoha here, not that that's a bad thing. He's an underrated inker. While his strong style often threatens to overpower pencilers, the end results tend to look like collaborative efforts — a blend of the two styles. Another example: He inked a four-parter on Marvel Team-Up (#82-85) over Sal Buscema that was just surprisingly gorgeous.

  2. 'bout friggin' time.Could Rand Holmes' Harold Hedd be not too far behind?