Tuesday, 29 September 2009

All The King's Man

Here's a slightly odd piece, courtesy of Sal Quartuccio's Hot Stuf'. Sonny Trinidad is one of those Phillipino artists who kind of got lost in the rush next to giants like Alcala or Nino, but I always like the 'busyness' of his linework. This is a great example of that, with crowded layouts that amazingly work, and touches of Alcala, Nebres and even Buscema throughout. There's a couple of strange things about this strip tho', the first of which is the bizarre, stilted dialogue & captions. It feels like it was translated, and translated badly. Also it feels like a prologue, or at least a portion of a much larger story. When you get to the last page, check out the little 'fini' accompanied by a head shot of Lenka, our Red Sonja-esque heroine. I suspect this is a Fillipino serial that our pal Sal bought up a portion of, maybe with aims of printing the whole thing. It's good stuff, whatever it's source.

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  1. This reminds me a bit of Frank Thorne's 'Ghita' strip from the 1984 mag.

    And Sonny Trinidad has to be a made up name.