Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Warrior's Ritual

I'm in a Warren state of mind this week, dunno about you. Warren magazines were kind of our generation's E.C's and, as I've said before, made a refreshing change from a steady diet of Marvel & DC. I know, Jim Warren was the king of sleaze, but at least he knew it, and I always liked the variety of his mags, particularly when they'd delve into areas that weren't just pure horror, like yesterdays Thrillkill, and this one which, although certainly horrific, is more of a dark thriller. Written by all-time great writer Archie Goodwin ( a man who seemed incapable of telling a bad story ) this grisly little tale actually has a beginning, a middle and an end. ( How rare is that? ) and it's my of my favourite John Severin pieces. Plus it's hot enough today to be suffering in the desert along with these guys. Little extra realism there.


  1. Slightly off- topic but a belated Happy birthday for the other day Pete.
    Always try and look at the blog as often as poss' and that passed me by for some reason !!

  2. No worries, I almost forgot meself and didn't book the day of work. What a sap..

  3. I am always at a Warren state of mind. Surprisingly though, I do often prefer the spanish artists they hired to cut costs later on.