Monday, 31 August 2009

Marvel Team-Up

Ok, so it's not anything to do with Bronze Age comics, but come on, DISNEY HAVE BOUGHT MARVEL?!! Is that...Is that...that's like the weirdest damn thing....It's like the craziest script that nobody would possibly ever come up with! I mean, where's Bob Haney when you need him?
Like probably all of you, my gut reaction was sheer, unadulterated horror and disgust. Then my second thought was: MarvelLand? That might be cool. Then my third thought was: Hey, maybe comics will start chasing the kid audience again. That'd be really cool. Sales'd go up, and people might actually become literate again. But the truth? One business has bought another business. In reality it probably won't change a thing. No one at Disney is about to worry about the level of Ultra-Violence instead of actual story in comics ( though certainly the comics should start doing that, 'cos it's incredibly boring and just one of the reasons I prefer the Bronze Age ).

Actually, I have no idea what I think about this, but the next few years might prove interesting, at the very least. In the meantime, here's the legendary Carl Barks with his version of Joe Quesada when he heard the news.


  1. I thought this was an absurdly late April Fool's joke, but apparently not. Should be interesting if nothing else.
    Strange days indeed...

  2. I'm not sure Disney knows that Marvel publishes comics at all and I'm sure they don't care. They never even care if THEY have any Disney comics out in the US after all. They just want the merchandisable characters sadly.