Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Incredible Bulk

These days, you literally have to pinch yourself at how many of our characters are appearing in their own movies. Imagine yourself back in The Bronze Age, and being told that there's an X-Men movie, an Iron-Man movie, even a friggin' Daredevil movie!! You just wouldn't believe a word of it.
Easy to forget then, just how exciting it was when the first full-length Incredible Hulk TV movie premiered. I never liked The Hulk much, never actively disliked him either, he just wasn't my kind of character. But when that show first came on, it was just about the most thrilling thing ever, at least until the limits of the premise became apparent even to a kid, and repetition set in week after week.
Mad, as usual, wasn't having any of it. Over to Lou Silverstone and the too little seen Angelo Torres, for their version. How many cameo's can you spot here?


  1. That was a real treat. Thanks so much for posting it. I got hooked on The Incredible Hulk at the tender age of 4 because of the TV show. Maybe the limitations of the format weren't so apparent to me as a young child because kids love repetition!

  2. Yeah, it was great ( Even when you could see Lou Ferrigno's green slippers so he could run on bare earth! ) I used to have a poster magazine / photo-comic of the first episode that I'd love to post here if only I could get scans of it.

  3. I use to have this issue of Mad when I was a kid.It also had a parody of Jaws 2.A pretty awesome mag.Ireally like your scans.Keep up the good work!

  4. Man, this really takes me back. I actually still have the issue this originally appeared in myself, and the first panel in the last page STILL makes me LOL until I hurt a major organ! :-) This is my favorite MAD Magazine article of all time.

    Thanks for posting it.

  5. Are you kidding me? Do you have to post every comic and magazine I had as a kid? This one had a Jaws cover, if I remember correctly... I read it till it fell apart in my hands! I worshiped the Kiss treasuries, had the Doc Savage mags, owned the Star Hawks paperbacks, and OBSESSED over the holiday grab bag treasuries. (I would dream about them at the age of 30... thinking about them at least once EVERY DAY for about a year, until my wife bought them for me for christmas!!!) I was raised on Charlie Brown paperbacks and Hot Stuff comics. It's like we were separated at birth! I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!