Sunday, 9 August 2009

Deja Vu

Just one more stop at the house of Warren I couldn't resist, from the August '76 issue of Creepy, here's Esteban Maroto in a whole issue dedicated to the Spanish Master. Jim Warren, of course, raided the Spanish comic world for his books throughout The Bronze Age, introducing us to incredible artwork from the likes of Jose Ortiz, Luis Bermejo, Jose Gonzalez & Vincente Alcazar, among others, as well as obviously using the Phillipino's DC had brought over like Alex Nino, Alfredo Alcala & Rudy Nebres.
I'm sure Jim used all these artists for the same reason Carmine & DC did: 'Cos they were cheap & fast. All I know is me & a lot of fans suddenly had our eyes opened to many different styles of comic art, this being probably the first time we realised comics could actually be this vivid, erotic & surreal. And in Maroto, you have work that hits all those points spectacularly.
Here he is with the man who seemingly got no sleep during the '70's, judging by the amount of scripts he put out: Doug Moench. It's a really odd colouring job on this, as on a lot of Creepy's & Eerie's from the period, like they hadn't quite worked out the process yet. And does anything reek more of '70's comics than that weirdly accusatory third-person narration everybody inherited from Roy Thomas?


  1. I love him. Can I ask for more, if you have it?

  2. Definately be putting more of The Spanish Invasion up soon, Doruk. Loads more to come....