Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Bus

Even for Heavy Metal, The Bus was a bizarre strip. Always at the back of the mag, it seemed to run forever, and could only really have ran in HM. Sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was philosophical, and sometimes it was just plain weird & creepy.
Writer/ artist Paul Kirchner's drawing style was just so deliberately stiff and staid, it always reminded me of the illustrations you used to get in Maths textbooks from the '60's, where the linework was so formalised, it seemed almost machine-drawn. Everything was so unrelentingly normal, it went right round the back of normal and off into surreal again. I always thought The Bus was like a comic strip by David Lynch actually, or at least he'd be a big fan of it. It was all just so unrelentingly odd. Tickets please.


  1. Oh, my, God. I totally remember this. I was reading H.M. for a while and loved this strip.

    I must be realy old because I remember just about every comic or creator that you have posted about. I love this blog, a veritable comic book time machine.

  2. the bus will be back very soon :