Sunday, 2 August 2009


It's Pete Doree's birthday today. Hey, that's me! And it looks like Matt & Foggy have started without me, the gits...
What else could I possibly put up here today but this little lost classic, the opening outing for Bill Mantlo's Woodgod, with great art courtesy of Keith Giffen & Klaus Janson. I always thought this guy deserved a longer shelf-life actually. Sure, the origin's not particularly original, but a character that looks like a satyr comes with all sorts of story possibilities I'd have thought, especially in the realm of 'adults only' comics...


  1. Happy Birthday, Pete! Hope you have a good 'un.
    BTW the Woodgod story is an obscure choice, but a great one. He reappeared in a couple of issues of Marvel Team-Up, alongside Spidey and the Hulk, with art by John Byrne. Well worth checking out.

  2. Happy b-day to a fellow "August baby", baby! Hope it's a great day for ya!

    Love me some Woodgod, m'self! Along with the MTU issues cerebus660 mentions, WG showed up in a couple 1980 issues of Incredible Hulk, as well (252-253).

    Don't eat too much cake!

  3. You know me, the obscurer the better! I always loved this issue, particularly the whole 'scream' conceit. Wasn't aware that Woodgod had made any other appearances, funnily enough, so must check that out. It's all scream...

  4. Update: the Marvel Team-Ups were issues 53 and 54 from 1977. The first part of the story follows on from MTU Annual 1 and features a cameo from the X-Men, the first time Byrne drew 'em.

  5. happy birthday, pete, mate!!!!