Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Worlds Enough

Here's a great piece from Lee Elias, courtesy of Marvel Preview. Lee, I just found out, was actually born in Manchester, moving to the US at the age of six. His style was obviously heavily influenced by Terry & The Pirates Milton Canniff, ( in fact, he worked briefly as Canniff's assistant ) and I don't think a lot of fans could get past that similarity, but I always liked seeing his work on the rare occasions it appeared. Worlds Enough is from 1978, after Lee had returned to America after some years back in the UK. As I say, Lee's work never appeared enough in The Bronze Age for me ( or, presumably for him ) though he did, if memory serves, contribute sterling work on Warren's time-travelling hero The Rook, as well as teaching at Burne Hogarth's School of Visual Arts & The Joe Kubert School. This story, inked spectacularly over tonal pencil by George Roussos, is Lee at his best. Although I have to admit the twist ending is a trifle ho-hum, by the time you get there, you won't care a jot.

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