Thursday, 30 July 2009

Nanny Dickering

We always looked at Cracked as the poor relation to Mad, often buying it but usually with a 'nhh, it's not as good' shrug of the shoulders. And sure Mad had Mort Drucker, it had Don Martin, it had Sergio Aragones and Al Jaffee and Dave Berg and all the rest of The Usual Gang Of Idiots.
But Cracked had Nanny Dickering.

Immortalized by legendary ( and legendarily filthy ) Good Girl artist Bill Ward, Nanny was based on then TV newscaster Nancy Dickerson, and appeared in each issue of Cracked interviewing everyone from Stephen King to Hugh Hefner, all the while threatening to fall out of her two sizes too small dress, and generally helping the readers get through puberty.
Here she is interviewing one of those said fanboys, and though this isn't Bill at his best ( in fact it feels a bit like a Ward copy rather than the real thing ) it was the only full-length example of the strip I could find on the net, having long ago lost my Cracked collection. I mean, come on fellas, if any character deserved her own tribute site, It's this girl! I can't be the only one who used to read this strip with my eyes out on stalks like the wolf in that old cartoon, can I?


  1. Nice...Kinda like Playboy's Little Annie Fannie,without the nudity of course.

  2. I prefer his sexier comics,in Club and Juggs

  3. This brings back old memories for sure! Nanny sure helped me through puberty..I never missed an issue of CRACKED. She was always looking mighty fine. Thanks to Bill Ward!

  4. Bill Ward was a genius at drawing sexy women.

  5. I worship at the alter of Nanny Dickering. SC John "TH' END" Severin originally drew her with his own hairdo for her then when Bill Ward took over Bill used a different hairstyle and then John used it as well. SC

  6. Count me in as a minor fan of Nanny Dickering, though not as much as Torchy.

    Ward's other humor pieces in CRACKED were almost always glutted with buxom lasses, too.