Thursday, 2 July 2009


And here's another vicious half man / half beast hero from the great Ernie Colon. Manimal was easily one of the coolest ideas for a comic strip ever: A jewish lycanthrope being hunted by modern day Nazi's. He appeared in the last three issues of a little known underground called Hot Stuf', which was published by a portfolio dealer with the wonderful name of Sal Quartuccio. Although Hot Stuf' had some great work from the likes of Neal Adams, Alex Toth, Gray Morrow and Richard Corben, it annoyed a lot of fans ( and dealers ) as our pal Sal seemed incapable of getting the thing out on anything like a regular schedule. In four years, for instance, there were only 8 issues. Also, like a lot of undergrounds it was editorially all over the place, each issue seemingly being filled with whatever Sal had available at the time. But, there was some great stuff in it. Like Manimal.

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