Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Love Me...Love My Demon!

Here's a superb early piece from Arthur Suydam, from House Of Secrets. This was the first time I ever saw Suydam's work, and it made me an instant fan, having not seen anything this good in horror since the early days of Berni Wrightson. It's an old, familiar plot, having been reused many times in House Of Secrets and House Of Mystery. ( Don Heck did a version of it a few years before, for one ). But who cares? It's all about atmosphere, and this is as creepy as it gets.
Not sure if this was Art's first job for Joe Orlando but there's an apocryphal story where, when Joe gave Suydam his first try-out script, the budding artist actually kept it for an entire year, eventually delivering three whole pages. Utterly unfazed, Orlando reacted as if only a week had passed and said: " Nice to see you. Ready for another script? "


  1. That's a great one. I'd never seen it before.

  2. I love the sense of irony in this story. Nice.

  3. Suydam did a handful of stories for DC's mystery line. He wanted to write his own stories, DC wouldn't let him him, and that's why he left.

    When Wrightson left SWAMP THING in 1974, DC offered the series to Suydam, but he declined. If you look at HOUSE OF SECRETS 119 (May 1974) and 131 (May 1975), you can see Suydam would have been an excellent choice. But I guess he didn't want to begin his career overshadowed by Wrightson.

    Other Suydam stories:

  4. Suydam would've, of course, been perfect for Swamp Thing at the time, but you're probably right. Fans would've no doubt cried 'copyist!'